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About Us

At The Natural Hair Spa, we are dedicated to providing high-quality natural hair care services. Our team of experienced stylists prioritize the health and beauty of your natural hair. We believe that every client deserves personalized care and attention to achieve their desired style. Our salon offers a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere where you can unwind and let us take care of you. Let us help you embrace the beauty of your natural hair today.

Our Team

Stylist, Peace of the Natural Hair Spa


Peace is a licensed natural hair stylist with eight years of natural hair care experience throughout: New Jersey, Ontario, and Pennsylvania. Peace specializes in:traditional locs, microlocks, sisterlocks, protective styling, various stylying techniques, and microlock extensions. Peace is passionate about: natural, healthy, and growing hair. Peace has a keen eye for detail and enjoys adding details to each style to enhance the result. Peace is also a licensed therapist. Peace believes stress is one of the leading causes for unhealthy/damaged hair. Peace prioritizes building rapport with her clients. In order to, provide clients with a hair care experience that welcomes clients to be: themselves, comfortable, and share who they are. Ultimately, assisting clients in achieving wellness: mentally, spiritually, and physically.  

Stylist, Erica of the Natural Hair Spa


Erica is a licensed cosmetologist who specializes in natural hair care. Erica has over eight years of natural hair care experience. Erica understands the unique circumstances of each clients hair and provides  individual hair care customized to each clients needs. Erica is passionate about natural hair care and providing clients with a hair care experience that promotes hair health. Erica is skilled in: color, loc reattachments, loc extensions, microlocks, two strand twist, TWA's, loc repairs, various styling techniques, and much more. She enjoys experimenting with different styles and techniques to achieve the best style for her clients. 



Ebony is a talented licensed cosmetologist with a passion for natural hair care. She has an eye for creating unique and personalized styles that compliment each client's individual features. Ebony  specializes in loc  rewists, silk-press, flat twist,  natural hair updos, color, and so much more. Ebony's goal is to enhance her clients natural hair while educating on hair care.



Natural Hairstylist/ Licensed Cosmetologist 

Latavia is a licensed cosmetologist specializing in natural hair care. Latavia has a wide range of expertise from color, natural hair braiding, Knotless braids, Fulani braids, men's braided styles, traditional loc maintenance, loc repairs, loc styling, natural hair styling, and more.

Latavia is a passionate hairstylist. Latavia focuses on hair care and approaches each client's hair journey with empathy and readiness to improve their hair journey. 

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